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The Argamon Group is a financial technology company that specializes in the optimization of financial + digital liquidity and the management of Prime Broker relationships. Headquartered in Sydney, the group was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide innovative solutions for the ever-changing global financial landscape. With an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and a commitment to providing cutting-edge products and services, we are rapidly emerging as a key player in the fintech arena.

Prime Broking

We provide brokers, banks, funds and traders with the pricing and technology to put you in front of the curve. Our extreme capabilities to optimise streams to your requirements is unparalled. From zero spreads to large full amounts, we have you covered.


Argamon has a decade-long relationship with most global tier-1 banks.

We have been able to source competitive no last look feeds from our liquidity providers that are optimised for most trading flow. Add in Argamon's proprietary pricing and this brings a whole new level to your trading experience.

  • Firm prices for all crosses
  • Major pairs average fill rates 96%+
  • Custom streams to fit your trade sizes
  • Algo Execution capabilities for trades 10M+

Margin Financing

At Argamon Markets, we recognize the challenges faced by counterparties as Tier-1 banks are tightening their balance sheets and limiting access to credit lines required for business expansion.

To help mitigate this problem, we have partnered with a range of counterparties to offer substantial NOP (net open position) limits.


Leverage our interbank network to access some of the world's most competitive conversion rates.

  • Real-time, bank beating, low-cost rates, to exchange 38 global currencies
  • Price transparency, with all prices inclusive of fees and bank charges absorbed.
  • Transaction updates, reporting features, automated cross border payments, bulk payments and more, are available through a feature rich payment platform.